About us

Company INTERVIGA is an official importer of ENEOS products from Japanese producer JX Nippon Oil & Energy to ESTONIA, LATVIA and LITHUANIA. Our goal is to supply premium quality lubrication products which are Nr.1 in Japan and to develop long lasting relationships with our partners.

Big Oil in Japan means JX Nippon Oil & Energy (formerly Nippon Oil), the country's largest oil importer and distributor. JX Nippon Oil & Energy operates seven refineries, with a total capacity of more than 1.3 million barrels per day. It boasts about a 25% share of the Japanese gasoline market, operating about 10,000 gas stations across Japan; most operate under the ENEOS brand name, but about 20% are Dr. Drive stations, offering automotive services. The company was renamed following the 2010 merger of Nippon Oil with Nippon Mining that created integrated energy giant JX Holdings.

The company was established 1888 as the "Nippon Oil" (日本石油 Nihon Sekiyu), or "Nisseki" (日石) for short. In 1999, the company merged with and absorbed the former "Mitsubishi Oil" (三菱石油 Mitsubishi Sekiyu). The merged company was called "Nippon Mitsubishi Oil" (日石三菱 Nisseki Mitsubishi) until 2002, when it adopted its present name JX Nippon Oil & Energy.

President and Representative Director, Yasushi Kimura
Executive Vice President and Representative Director, Isao Matsushita

Head Office
6-3 Otemachi 2-chome, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 100-8162, Japan

¥139.4 billion (100% investment of JX Holdings, Inc.)

Business Activities
Refining and marketing of petroleum and petrochemical products
Importing and selling of gas and coal.
Supply of electricity.
Developping, manufacturing and marketing of fuel cell, solar power generation and storage batteries.
"ENEOS" was coined from the words "ENERGY" and "NEOS" which means NEW in Greek.

The brand mark designs "Energy" by a symbolical form. The globe in the center represents "Reliability" and "Continuity", and the spiral spreading outword symbolizes "Creativity" and "Innovation"